ViSAS Multiplier Event – 10th of March 2023 in Witten, Germany

Digital – try this! Guidance on hybrid youth work


On 10 March 2023, the ViSAS Multiplier Event took place at Café Leye in Witten.

Besides the European partners, representatives of the regional PROJEKTFABRIK network (Tausche Bildung für Wohnen, Migration Miteinander, Nouranour, Wiesenviertel e.V., the ZIP network of the Drosos Foundation) young people with academic and non-academic backgrounds were invited. They had prepared a performance on the topic of „The digital in the analogue“. This was the start of the event.

What an introduction! Everyone was immediately on the topic, so that after a short introduction by PROJEKTFABRIK, the organisations of the network first introduced themselves in a performative „marketplace“ and were „evaluated“ by the young people in a playful process. Then it was the turn of the European partners. They gave a brief overview of the course of their respective projects and their experiences with „art as an educational principle“ in relation to the interfaces between analogue and digital youth work. They had been given the task of picking out a particular key moment and using it to present problems and successes in a concrete and vivid way. In the following discussion, country-specific characteristics but also commonalities became clear.

Now it was the turn of the target group again. They presented the platform and guided the participants through virtual spaces and possibilities. Prepared in this way, the participants were given the chance to go for a digital walk themselves in small groups under the guidance of the young people. This was followed by a lively discussion between the European partners, the organisations of the regional network and the young specialists. Numerous ideas and suggestions for improvement were noted down. The general feeling emerged: the work continues – but we are on our way! Concrete tasks were formulated to be worked on in mixed working groups – on the platform, of course. We are excited.

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