ViSAS Multiplier Event – 26th of October 2022 in Turin, Italy

Thus spoke Zarathrusta


Our Multiplier Event took place on October 26th 2022, hosted by the Neighborhood House Piùspazioqauttro, in Turin, Italy.

The public was composed by more than 35 people, mostly youth workers, local stakeholders, components of youth organizations, professionals in the field of youth employment and career development, and of course all 7 European ViSAS partners from France, Germany, Italy and Spain. We even hosted some participants of the previous mobility (Winter Camp held in Spain, January 2022) who came specifically for the event.

The public was entertained by the first premiere of the theater Play „Thus spoke Zarathrusta“: the final outcome of the second blended mobility of VISAS project.

Prior that moment and for 10 days, 20 participants between 18 and 30 years from 4 different countries, together with 2 trainers worked on Nietzsche’s footsteps modernizing the famous book of the German philosopher, performing it as a play called „Message in a bottle“.

The play caused a lot of applause and pleasure among the audience.

Before the play, we presented the project ViSAS and the digital platform where to find interesting contributions from each partner in the field of application of social art with youth people in digital environments. We have also printed some stickers with the platform QR Code direct access to promote and leave a trace of the project to the public.

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